[update! thank you, ribbit, for bug feedback, ribbit, my tongue now licks, i can also finally hold the key, ribbit! music also less... anxious, ribbit!]

i, lonely frogo, ribbit, ask thee, ribbit, wonderous player...
to find, ribbit, my frogobro, ribbit, pico.
and some treasure, ribbit.
pico frogobro optional. ribbit.

ps. i hate fish, ribbit. and birds. ribbit. they are uggos.
pps. the lowly god of my 8bit world deciced to learn pico8 and lua at the same time, ribbit, as making my game. ribbit. they are a fool. ribbit. almost as bad as fish. definitely as bad as birds. ribbit.


ahem! anyho! up/down/left/right - X for jump and C for lick
timing the jump on mushies makes you go higher

made for #minijam #frogjam (with the constraint of a single level) - 3 day jam ; alas i had 1. ^_^

enjoy my buggy demo <3 RIBBIT!

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Made withPICO-8
TagsFrogs, frogjam, Game Jam, minijam, PICO-8

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