A downloadable game for Windows

first jam... first game!
code, animation, art by little old me, it's tanukidreamz. init.

designed as a twinstick shooter - xinput - so xbox pad or ps4 using ds4windows.

i would be super impressed if you can get through with a keyboard. mouse input is uhhhhh... in beta (ie, it doesn't exist)

expect lots of delicious bugs! the music only stays if you don't die. so kudos if you get to hear the end musika.

shift / L2 = dash

space / R2 = jump

WASD / Leftstick = Movement / LeftArm Aim

Arrow Keys / Rightstick = Rightarm Aim

1 / Q / R1 = Left Gun
2 / E / R2 = RightGun

(You'll need both!!)

Mainmenu - space or enter or joypad to start

Esc - Quit

Some levels you'll be a different mech! You should have enough power :)

Music by Yubatake



Install instructions

Unzip all files and double click the exe.
Mac version coming eventually.



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very pretty! love the scythe boi

thank you! scythes rule! thanks for playing!